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UP16 | WK3

We just completed our 3rd week of UP16. This marks the halfway point: 6 sessions down and 6 more to go! We are striving together to be the best we can be. To do this, we must battle! For fierce competitors, everything is a competition; even practices, workouts and conditioning. Champions bring an unmistakable intensity to everything they do and demand it from their teammates as well. No doubt we have several players working their butts off and leading by example; but we can improve, and this is how: Zero Tolerance Rule! Slackers and/or frivolous distractions that might disrupt this team's focus must be spurred on, or...spurred out! That's right, we challenge the leadership of this team to ensure that all teammates are consistently working hard in all aspects of training so we are fully prepared when it comes time to do battle.

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