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Goal Setting

“The most important thing in life is not WHAT you do; it's WHO you become.”

-People Who "Get It"

Game Goals

  • To score 60 or more points.

    • Focus on 15 per quarter and no single digit quarters.

  • Not to allow 50 or more points.

    • Focus on 12 per quarter and 1 single digit quarter.

  • To secure 55% or more of the total rebounds.

  • Not to allow our opponent to make better than 40% of their total field goals.

    • Contest all shots (hands up and butt down).

  • To make at least 70% of our freethrows.

    • Make more FT’s than our opponent attempts.

  • To make at least 50% of our 2 point field goals.

    • Get to the paint (post touches and paint drives).

  • To make at least 33% of out 3 point field goals.

    • Inside out 3’s. Kick out 3’s.

  • Not to foul more than 12 times.

    • Position. Position. Position (guard with our feet and core).

  • To have 16 or more assists per game.

  • Not to turn the ball over more than 12 times per game.

  • To force 14 or more turnovers per game.

  • To take at least 1 charge per game.

  • Not to allow any uncontested, transition baskets.

    • OBC (first 3 steps).

ACE Factor Goals

  • Attitude: What is your Why? Be a great teammate! Treating others as you would want to be treated. Attitude of Gratitude!

  • Concentration: Preparation is complete. You have done all things possible to ready yourself and your team for the competition.

  • Effort: Every day, every player, every possession – Giving your very, very best!

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