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Footwork Drills


Starts, Stops & Pivots

  • Players A, B and C line up in a single file line.

  • Player A assumes a triple-threat position and exclaims, “I love basketball, sir!”

  • Player A starts with a blow-by and/or crossover step.

  • Player A stops sprinting with a two-foot, jump stop and then practices both front and reverse pivots.

  • Player A returns and Player B starts.

  • Emphasize stance, balance and control.


Blast Cut Jump Shots

  • Players A, B and C line up freethrow line extended with two basketballs. Players D, E and F assume the opposite wing, also with two basketballs.

  • Player D blast cuts to the top, catches player A’s pass and makes an inside pivot ready to shoot.

  • Player D follows his shot and brings the ball to the line he is going to. Meanwhile, player A does the same.

  • Repeat for two minutes and then add the following moves: 1) Shot fake, blow-by 2) Foot fake, crossover and 3) Back Cut.


Jump Rope

  • Create a variety of foot movements (i.e. regular bounce, alternate bounce, single bounce, skier, bell, jumpin’ jack, nordic, boxer, leap-ups, double jumps, etc.)

  • Accept the ultimate challenge and jump 1,000 skips a day. Set a goal of 5,000 total skips per week.

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