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There are some basic guidelines outside the athletic handbook we all need to follow to help maintain continuity and success in our program. The primary rule you must adhere to is not to do anything that is detrimental to the community, school, team, or yourself. We have a saying, “Class always shows!” You must conduct yourself with class at all times. If you do not, then the coaching staff will handle it however we deem necessary.


Academic Rules

  1. Academic rules are set up according to the NSAA and school policy. Please refer to the PLS athletic handbook. However, the following are all important guidelines to consider:

  2. Maintain good rapport with all of your classroom teachers and building administrators.

  3. Stay off the credits list. If not, possible consequences may be warranted.

  4. Make an effort to sit towards the front of the classroom when possible.

  5. No discipline referrals. Again, possible consequences may be warranted.

  6. No tardy detentions or unexcused absences.



  1. On game day, players are required to dress according to team policy on and off the court.

  2. Though we do not dictate the brand of shoe you are to wear, we do encourage all shoes to be school colors.

  3. No Hat Policy: Hats are not to be worn when we are together as a team (i.e. team meals, traveling, pre-game, etc).

  4. Player's hair should be off the neck, above the eyebrows, and above the earlobe. Hair color should remain natural. Please refrain from any unusual hair styles, excessive facial hair, and/or headwear too.

  5. The NSAA outlaws any type of jewelry in basketball. No jewelry is allowed at practice and/or games.



  1. Maintain your health. Get plenty of rest each night, eat a balanced diet, and keep your body properly hydrated.

  2. Abstain from drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and gambling.

  3. No cursing and/or foul language, period.

  4. Complaining about the officials, coaching staff, and/or teammates will not be tolerated.

  5. Be a great teammate! This team is not about you. Encourage and serve.

  6. Be punctual. Vince Lombardi Time: Always 5 minutes early!

  7. Be respectful of others. For example, head phones only on the bus or in the locker room, and cell phones should be used sparingly according to team policy.

  8. Thoroughly read and study your “Player’s Playbook/Handbook”.


Lettering System

  1. Perfect practice attendance. Absolutely no unexcused absences (refer to “Practice Time”).

  2. Team attitude. Subject to coaching staff’s discretion.

  3. Playing in at least 1/6 of the total varsity quarters.


Open Door Policy

  1. Players are welcome and encouraged to contact any of the coaching staff anytime should a problem arise.

  2. Parents are asked to respect the coaching staff's family time and contact coaches at the school. Our time is limited with our families as it is.

  3. Parent-Coach-Administrator conferences may be arranged by contacting your coach at the school.


Nod to your coach when he tells you to do something.

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