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Shooting Drills


Individual Shooting Drills


1-Step Lay-ups

  • Players A, B and C line up on the right block. Players D, E and F do the same on the left side. Players A, B and D all have a ball.

  • Player A begins the drill by taking one step (with his left foot) and drives his opposite knee up while shooting a lay-up with his right hand. He is to get his own rebound and take the ball to the line he is going to (hand it to player E in this case).

  • Player D then does the same thing from the left side. However, it is important he steps with his right foot, drives his left knee up while shooting left-handed. Repeat this process to perfection.


32 Point Challenge

  • Shooter makes three moves from the following spots: baseline, wing, top of the key, opposite wing and opposite baseline.

  • Three Moves: 1) 3-point shot worth three points. 2) Blow-by move, one dribble into a pull-up jump shot worth two points. 3) Crossover move, two dribbles to rim worth one point.

  • Finish with two freethrows, each worth one point for a total of 32 points.


5 Spot Shooting

  • Shooter starts in the left dead corner and makes three moves from the 5 spots. Left foot is the pivot.

  • Three Moves: 1) 3-point shot worth three points. 2) Blow-by move, one dribble into a pull-up jump shot worth two points. 3) Crossover move, two dribbles to rim worth one point.

  • Right foot is pivot on the return trip. 60 possible points.

Beat the Pro

  • Shooter begins the game with a freethrow. If it is made, he receives one point. If it is missed, the pro receives three points.

  • Shooter scores one point for a made field goal and two points for a swish. If the shot is missed the pro gets two points.

  • First one to ten loses. Shoot game shots at game speed.


Form Shooting Progression (FSP)

  • Wrist Extensions & Reverse Wrist Extensions

  • Trace & Retrace

  • Arm Swing

  • 1-Handed Form Shooting (R&L)

  • 2-Handed Form Shooting (Groove Your Shot)

  • Click HERE to watch this drill!


Freethrow Swish

  • Game is played to +2 or –2 and (vary the scoring according to ability) you win or lose accordingly.

  • Scoring is as follows: 1) zero points for a made freethrow hitting iron 2) minus one for missing and 3) plus one for a swish.

  • Use this drill when you are tired.


Mikan Drill

  • Shooter keeps the ball above his shoulders and drives his outside knee into the air.

  • Execute a proper jump hook and be sure to land with the shoulders squared to the basket.

  • Make ten in a row and then add the reverse Mikan. For the ultimate challenge, add a second ball.



  • Shooter passes to himself by putting backspin on the ball.

  • Complete five of each: 1) catch & shoot 2) foot fake, crossover 3) shot fake, blow-by 4) step back move and 5) strong drives all the way to the rim.

  • Repeat this same drill with post moves.


String Drill

  • Shooter designates a spot on the floor and does not move until he makes a certain amount in a row.

  • Remember to shoot game shots at game speed.

  • Take the ultimate challenge and make a certain amount of swishes.


X, Y & Z Lay-ups

  • Shooter starts at the right freethrow elbow and attacks the rim, scoring a right-handed lay-up.

  • He then rebounds, runs to the opposite elbow and repeats from the left side.

  • Make ten then add Y (attacking the front of the rim) and Z (reverse lay-ups) movements.


Partner Shooting Drills


3-Pass Partner Shooting

  • Partner A passes partner B and partner B immediately passes back to partner A.

  • Partner A shoots off the pass and follows his own shot.

  • Partner B repeats the same process.


100 Shot Challenge

  • Partner A shoots ten game shots (i.e. elbow to elbow or around the arc, be creative) as partner B rebounds. Partner B then shoots the same ten shots.

  • Repeat this procedure until both players have shot 100 game shots.

  • Be sure to shoot freethrows in between sets or when you get tired.


Around the World in 3's / Comeback with 2's

  • Partner A must make one shot from each of the five spots. He then returns doing the same inside the arc.

  • Partner B rebounds and scores it just like golf (Par=10).

  • To finish, partner A must score a transition 3-point field goal (11th Hole).

Halfcourt Bust

  • Partner A shoots a pull-up jumper, follows his shot, passes to partner B, and then busts to halfcourt.

  • Partner B does the same. Shoot ten shots each or according to time.

  • Shooters concentrate on maintaining a low center of gravity and proper footwork.


Running Horse

  • Just like regular H-O-R-S-E, but shooters create a game-like condition by constantly staying in motion.

  • Each player needs a ball.

  • Partner A shoots, follows his shot hard, and tries not to let it touch the floor. Partner B follows.



  • Partner A starts on the freethrow elbow with seven points. Partner B rebounds.

  • For each made basket, subtract one point. Add a point for each miss.

  • Shooting spots may vary to enhance range.


Star Shooting

  • Partner A shoots from the following spots: 1) baseline 2) key 3) opposite baseline 4) wing 5) opposite wing 6) elbow and 7) opposite elbow. Finish with two freethrows.

  • Partner B rebounds and then repeats sequence.

  • Shooters concentrate on maintaining a low center of gravity and proper footwork.


Three Man Shooting Drills


2-Ball Shooting

  • Player A shoots and follows his shot. He practices shooting off the dribble and off the pass.

  • Player B immediately follows. Meanwhile, player A rebounds his own shot and passes to player C. Continue this rotation ten times each or according to time.

  • Emphasize game shots at game speed.


30 Second Shooting

  • Player A shoots short corner to elbow. Player B passes and C rebounds. 2 balls needed.

  • Player A remains as the shooter. Next 30 seconds FT elbow to FT elbow.

  • Player A continues to shoot. Last 30 seconds opposite short corner to elbow. 


Bird Shooting

  • Player A has 2 minutes to make two in a row from each of the 5 spots (around and back).

  • Finish at the key if time remains (+1 for each make).

  • Player B passes and Player C rebounds. 2 balls needed.


David-Lipscomb Shooting

  • Player A shoots ten consecutive jump shots vs. close-out pressure.

  • Players B and C concentrate on good, fundamental passes and proper close-outs.

  • 3 sets of 10 for each shooter.


Green Light Shooting

  • Player A has 4 minutes to complete the following rounds. Player B passes and Player C rebounds. 2 balls needed.

  • Round 1 - Player A makes 3 shots from each of the 5 spots (starting in the left dead corner).

  • Round 2 - Going back Player A makes 2 shots in a row from each of the 5 spots.

  • Round 3 - Player A makes a total of 5 shots "on the move" (moving from spot to spot).


UNO Shooting (100 MFG’s)

  • 4 Spot Shooting – Player A makes 8 shots from the short corner or deeper. Player B passes and player C rebounds. Repeat for each player from all 4 spots (short corners, both wings). After making 8, always make 2 freethrows.

  • Around the World – Player A makes 8 shots from the 4 spots. Emphasize inside foot pivot. Repeat for each player “off the pass” and then “off 1-2 dribbles”.

  • Back & Forth – Player A makes 8 shots going back and forth from the short corner to the wing. Repeat for each player from all 4 spot combinations (corner-to-wing – both sides, wing-to-wing – pass from both sides).

  • Click HERE to watch this drill!


Warrior Shooting

  • Player A begins at halfcourt and makes a hard cut to the basket. Player B passes him the ball. Player C has a second ball and serves as the rebounder for B.

  • Next, player A shoots from the opposite freethrow elbow (simulate using a pin down screen). Player A then flare cuts to the same side short corner.

  • Player A sprints to halfcourt and repeats from the opposite side. Continue for 6 total shots and/or allotted time (usually 30 seconds or 1 minute).

  • Scoring: layups 1, FT elbow 2, short corner 2.

  • Click HERE to watch this drill!


Shooting Workout Template 

Team Shooting Drills


4 Corner Shooting (WPD)


Circle Shooting

  • TBA


Continuous Blast Cuts


Creighton 100


Olympic Shooting

  • Teams line up in the dead corner at their respective baskets with 2 basketballs.

  • With 5 minutes on the clock, teams shoot until they make 8 shots.

  • After making 8 shots, they move to the next spot (utilize the 5 shooting spots).

  • Finally, if they still have time remaining after making all 40 shots, the players return to the top of the key and add +1, +2, +3, etc...for each made basket. Failing to make 40 shots results in a negative score.


One More Shooting

  • TBA


Utes Win!

  • On opposite ends of the floor, team A and B both line up on the right-hand, low block (with two basketballs).

  • On the coach’s cue, both teams compete to make seven baskets from the right low block and right freethrow elbow. Then they sprint to the other end and do the same from the left low block and left freethrow elbow.

  • Finally, the last shot is a halfcourt “buzzer-beater”.

  • Emphasize all team members remaining low and ready to shoot.

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