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Decathlon Testing


Each year, preseason and sometimes during the season, we test our players for assessment purposes. The Decathlon is a good indicator of your strengths and weaknesses. The test consists of the following shooting skills performed for one minute each – one skill right after the other (see video below).




1) Strong Hand Lay-ups

  • Stand wherever you want and score as many baskets as possible.

  • No rebounders (using the glass is recommended).


2) Weak Hand Lay-ups

  • Same as strong hand lay-ups, but this time you must shoot with your weak hand.

  • Your strong hand is to be held behind your back.


3) Mikan Drill

  • Shoot baby hook shots, alternating from the right side to the left side.

  • Shoot off the correct foot on each side.


4) Block-to-Block

  • Shoot just outside the freethrow lane near the low block.

  • Use the glass and move back and forth without traveling.


5) Corner-to-Corner

  • Same as block-to-block, but this time the shots are from the short corner (two strides from lane).

  • Move back and forth without traveling.


6) X-Out Lay-ups

  • Start at the right freethrow line elbow, dribble in and score a lay-up.

  • Then sprint out to the left elbow. Do the same, but with the left hand.


7) Lay-up Bust

  • Start under the basket and shoot a lay-up.

  • Whether it is made or missed, run and touch the freethrow line with your hand.

  • Then come back to the ball and attempt another lay-up or shot.


8) Elbow-to-Elbow

  • Shoot from the right freethrow line elbow and follow your shot.

  • Dribble out to the left elbow with your outside hand and shoot again.

  • Alternate from elbow-to-elbow; always dribbling with your outside hand.


9) 15' Rapid Fire

  • Use two basketballs and two teammates as a feeder and rebounder.

  • Fire as many jump shots as possible from the freethrow line.


10) 20' Rapid Fire

  • Same as 15' Rapid Fire, but from behind the 3-point arc.


Various Skill Levels:

  • 000-100 | Poor!

  • 100-115 | Very Low Skill Level

  • 115-130 | Low Skill Level

  • 130-145 | Average Skill Level

  • 145-160 | Above Average Skill Level

  • 160-175 | High Skill Level

  • 175-190 | Very High Skill Level

  • 190-205 | Outstanding!


Click HERE to view Decathlon Records

Watch this video to see Aaron Rothermund test out in the Decathlon. Good stuff!

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