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E + R = O

It's not WHAT happens.

It's HOW we respond.

~May this be said of STBB


How can we intentionally focus on staying Above the Line? Simple equation to live by: Event + Response = Outcome.

The R Factor

  • I own my Response! We refer to this as the "R Factor".

  • We don't always control the events in life, and we don't directly control the outcomes. But we can always control how we respond.

  • Our Goal: To make our R stronger than any E that we might encounter.

R1 = Press Pause

  • What does this situation require of me? It gives you time to think, gets you off autopilot. Pressing Pause does not come naturally, it's a skill that must be developed!


Two Benefits of R1:

  • Helps you avoid doing something foolish or harmful.

  • Focuses on you acting with purpose to accomplish your goals.


R2 = Get Your Mind Right

  • Focus on negative things equals a negative mindset.

  • Focus on productive things equals a productive mindset.

Two Things To Manage:

  • What you focus on (Concentration).

  • How you talk to yourself (Self-Talk).

Three Mindsets:

  • Irritated Mindset

    • Comes from negative focus that is born of laziness.​

    • Resistant to the productive discomfort that real growth requires.

    • Poor Self-Talk: "I can't make anything. I suck!"

  • Survival Mindset

    • Comes from a desire to take the path of least resistance. ​

    • Focuses on what's comfortable and convenient. 

    • It's not focused on getting better. Poor Self-Talk: "This practice sucks. When will it be over?"

  • Purpose Mindset

    • This is the Above the Line way of thinking. #ACEfactor​

    • Embraces productive discomfort: Knows that discomfort is necessary in order to practice and perform at an elite level.

    • It wants to compete! 

    • Positive Self-Talk: "This drill makes me better. It makes our team better. I'm comfortable being uncomfortable!"

R3 = Step Up

  • Every team faces some kind of adversity:

    • Mediocre teams are destroyed by it. ​

    • Good teams survive it.

    • Great teams get better because of it. 

"A hammer shatters glass, but forges steel."

R4 = Adjust and Adapt

If what you are doing isn't working, change it! Don't blame the E. Choose a better R. The best athletes are exceptional at:

  • Adjusting 

  • Adapting to change

R5 = Make a Difference

  • Your R is an E for others.

  • Your attitude and behaviors have a profound impact on your teammates and coaches. The quality of your relationships is determined by how you manage the R. 

  • What kind of E's are you giving to your teammates? Make a Difference means taking complete ownership of the experience you give to teammates and the contribution you make to the culture of the team. 

  • The way you manage your R matters not just to you, but to the people around you.

  • The experience you give to others may be the single most important element of teamwork. You will be no better as a team than your are to each other. Make the people around you better.

R6 = Build Skill

  • Everyone has some level of talent. Elite performers are the ones who are relentless about building skill beyond their talent. Talent is a gift. Greatness is a choice!

  • Embrace discomfort. Discomfort marks the place where the old way meets the new way. Discomfort indicates that change is about to happen. Push through the pain. If it doesn't challenge you, it will not change you. 

Adapted from Focus 3 Culture

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