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Character Skills

“Who you become as a result of the chase is the most important thing.”

~Dr. Jim Loehr



There are very few athletes who don’t want to become a better person through their sport. Select the top five performance skills and top five moral skills that you would like to be known for as a person. You can pick skills you are already good at, or skills that you need to work on.

Performance Skills—Govern relationship with self

  • Hardworking: Paying the price with effort.

  • Competitive: Striving to be your best.

  • Positive: Good and useful thinking.

  • Focused: Eliminating distractions.

  • Accountable: Taking responsibility for your actions.

  • Courageous: Operating outside your comfort zone.

  • Resilient: Bouncing back from setbacks.

  • Confident: Self-trusting.

  • Enthusiastic: Expressing enjoyment.

  • Disciplined: Self-regulating.

  • Motivated: Having a strong purpose.

  • Creative: Out-of-the-box thinking.

  • Curious: Desiring to learn or understand.


Moral Skills—Govern relationship with others

  • Unselfish: Putting the team first.

  • Honest: Telling the truth.

  • Respectful: Showing consideration.

  • Appreciative: Recognizing the good in someone or something.

  • Humble: Distributing credit.

  • Patient: Tolerating delay or struggle.

  • Loyal: Showing allegiance.

  • Trustworthy: Being reliable.

  • Trustwilling: Relying on others.

  • Encouraging: Giving confidence and support.

  • Socially Aware: Understanding signals sent and received.

  • Caring: Investing in the person.

  • Empathetic: Sharing the feelings of others.

End-of-the-Year Banquet Speech:

Fast forward to the end-of-the-year team celebration (banquet). Pretend that either your coach or a teammate is getting up to address the room full of people about you. Write out the speech that you would want your coaches or teammates to say about you. You must incorporate the ten skills that you circled in “Character Skills” into your speech.

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Adapted from Bret Ledbetter's What Drives Winning

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