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Up! Success Equals Effort Over Time

Up! Conditioning, this year thanks to Covid, was a five week, strength and conditioning program. Coach Pohlmann, our Head Strength Coach, leads the charge and it is intense. The greatest return on this investment is Staying Power. That ability to not only persist, but to gain more and more momentum in the midst of the grind is a Championship trait that can't be purchased or rushed. It must be earned through shared suffering and hardship. Up! has a way of doing just that for those student-athletes that sustain the effort over time.

Being present is the first step to greatness and these student-athletes had perfect or near perfect attendance.

Perfect Attendance: 10/10

Josiah Beckenhauer

Tyler Culp

Mason Burger

Jack McKittrick

Near Perfect Attendance: 9/10

Graham Cassoutt

Both Dol

Gus Kriegler

Trenton Andringa

Hard work (Up!) is not punishment. Hard work (Up!) is the price of admission for the opportunity to reach sustained excellence.
Perfect and Near Perfect Up! Attendance

Congratulations! We obviously had several others who missed just two or three sessions or joined us after their Fall sport finished up. They, too, worked extremely hard.

Finally, a special shout out to these two ladies: Lydia Hodges and Tate Norblade who did not miss a single Up! workout over the course of their four years. 46 for 46. That's incredible!

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