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Criteria for Evaluation


With careful planning and organization, each player is given the opportunity in practice to earn various degrees of playing time at his respective level. The coaching staff in evaluating personnel uses the following questions:


Physical Assessment

  1. How well has he mastered the offensive skills of shooting, passing, and dribbling?

  2. How strong is he, and does he like to rebound?

  3. Does he look like he will grow, or has he reached his growth potential?

  4. How quick are his feet, and can he run the court?

  5. Does he like to play defense?

  6. Can he post up and rebound?

  7. Does he talk the game?

  8. What are his leadership traits like?

  9. Does the player have good court sense? Does he move without the ball and try to get his teammates open?

  10. Does his presence and ability make the players around him better? Does he help create team continuity, or do they break down and have to wait for him to perform?

Mental Assessment

  1. What behavior does he display towards the school, teachers, administration, and other students?

  2. What is his attendance record? Tardiness? Detentions? Can we count on him?

  3. What kind of grades does he carry? Will he be eligible?

  4. Can he be coached, or does he know it all?

  5. What will his attitude be if he is not a starter? Top eight? Can he accept various key roles he may be placed in?

  6. Is he a poor loser, or does he learn from each experience?

  7. Is he a team player, or is he only concerned about himself?

  8. Will he be a problem if he does not play all that much?

  9. Does he react positively to criticism?

  10. Does he have tremendous desire on and off the court to become the best he possibly can?


Additional Questions

  1. How many seniors, juniors, and sophomores are returning? How much experience do we have?

  2. Have they played on the varsity, junior varsity, reserve, and/or freshman teams?

  3. Does this player fit into our offensive and defensive philosophy?

  4. Do we have an abundance or deficiency of players at certain positions?

  5. Is there an underclassman equally as productive as he is?


3 Ways to Improve (ASK)

  1. Athleticism

  2. Skills

  3. Knowledge

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