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What Drives Winning?

I asked Coach K, “What drives the process?” He told me, “Character drives everything. When you have good character it drives it up. And when you have bad character, it drives it down. Character is the foundation upon which you win.”



What are the first two questions you get asked after a game by someone who wasn’t at the game?

  1. Did you win?

  2. How many points did you score?


  • What does that say about our society?

  • Does our society value results more than anything else?

  • Is that good or bad?

Definition of Goals

Goals = The result to which effort is aimed.

When you focus on goals, you focus on results. However, often times these are out of our control.


20 Points, 5 Rebounds, 5 Assists

  • If this was your goal every game, what could get in the way of you achieving this goal?

  • Are the things that could get in your way under my control?

  • Do you see how some things are out of your control?


A championship mindset focuses on the second portion of the definition: The result to which effort is aimed.

Definition of Process


Process = A series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

It is the effort aimed at the goal.



  • Is effort under your control?

  • What do we want OUR end result to be?

  • What drives the process?

Adapted from Bret Ledbetter's What Drives Winning

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