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Dear Basketball

  • Write a letter to Basketball as if it's a person. Describe the impact that it's had on your life; good or bad.

End-of-the-Year Banquet Speech

  • Fast forward to the end-of-the-year team celebration (banquet). Pretend that either your coach or a teammate is getting up to address the room full of people about you.

  • Write out the speech that you would want your coaches or teammates to say about you.

    • You must incorporate the ten skills that you circled in “Character Skills” into your speech.

Control the Controllables

  • One of the biggest concepts to understand and live by in order to reach your full potential as an athlete, and more importantly, as a person, is controlling the controllables.

  • This means you need to focus on and take care of the things within your control and learn to ignore or work around the things outside of your control.

  • First, take a moment to consider all of the uncontrollables and write them down. Then, write down the controllables.

Inner Circle

  • If you had a career ending injury, who would still be there for you loving you and supporting you unconditionally?

  • Your “Inner Circle” are the people who view you as a person first. They are the people that have your best interest at heart. If you can create a situation where the forces of your inner circle are stronger than the external forces, it can help you stay humble and hungry.

  • Take five minutes to write down the names of these people inside your Inner Circle.

Board of Directors

  • What’s a board of directors? A collection of people that oversee the activities of a business and help provide different perspectives to help the business grow.

  • In your case, a go-to list of people that can help guide you with what you are doing. They may or may not be a part of your Inner Circle. Please consider all areas of your life, not just basketball.

  • Jot down the names of your Board Members.

Dear Pressure

  • When are you more likely to study for a test?

    • A week before the test or a night before?

  • What if there wasn’t a test? Would you study?

  • What does this reveal about pressure?

  •  Reflect and write a thank you note to pressure to see how it’s helped you.

    • Take your time when you do. It might unlock a new perspective.

Game Dedication

  • Use basketball to honor the people in your life that are important to you.

  • You might want to find ways to “bring them” into the game.

    • For example, send them a note/text sharing your dedication.

    • Write their initials on your shoes.

    • Go public (social media) with the dedication.​

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