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Rebounding Drills


Power Boards

  • Player A tosses the ball high up on the glass. He goes up strong and high, grabbing the ball with two hands.

  • He then comes down – keeping the ball above his head and goes back up to score. Do this ten times on each side.


Rebound, Outlet & Go

  • Player A tosses the ball high off the board, pursues the rebound and secures the ball with a clean chin.

  • He then passes to a teammate or coach filling the outlet box and sprints to the three-point line.

  • After touching the three-point line, player A cuts to the landmark and “takes out” defender B.

  • The ball is entered into player A and the two engage in post play. Rotate thereafter.


Tall-to-Small Series

  • 1-Step Toss – Player A takes 1 step, goes up tall and comes down “small”. He should simulate chinning the ball.

  • 1-on-0 Toss – Player A tosses the ball up and player B goes up tall and comes down “small”. Repeat for player A.

  • 1-on-1 Toss – Player A tosses the ball up in-between player B and C. Both players start hip-to-hip, go up tall and fight for the ball. Repeat for all.

  • Tug-of-War – Player A and B place both hands on the ball. Player C cues the start of the “war”.


Creighton Block-Out

  • Team 1 lines up under the basket along the lane lines. Team 2 above the freethrow line. Players 1A and 1B close-out on players 2A and 2B.

  • Player 2A or 2B shoots versus the close-out. All players pursue the made or missed shot and play 2-on-2 to another score.

  • Game is physical and no boundaries are used.

  • Halfway through, switch offense to defense. Remember to keep possessions equal since the offense has the opportunity to score twice each time.


3 points of contact when rebounding: 1) Eyes – see your man. 2) Arms – forearm bar to initiate contact. 3) Body – make a hit!

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