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Passing Drills


2-Ball Passing

  • Partners A and B, each with a ball, simultaneously pass to each other.

  • Vary the passes: 1) chest and bounce passes, 2) right and left-hand flick passes, 3) overhead and baseball or scoop passes, and 4) behind-the-back passes.

  • Practice calling out your teammates name and catching “ball in the air / feet in the air”.


Wall Pass

  • Player A positions himself 12 to 15 feet from a solid wall or Toss Back.

  • Pass to the wall and generate great speed and accuracy ten times or more.

  • KTG: Feed the Post Drill

  • Players A, B and C all line up on the low block. Player A inside-cuts (or dribbles) to the wing and receives a pass from a coach (or his own spin-out) and assumes triple-threat position.

  • Player C begins playing defense on the high side. Player B begins to take his defender out (Doleac Style).

  • Player A improves his passing angle into player B by the use of the dribble. Practice making the low, wrap around bounce pass into the post.

  • Rotate positions thereafter.

Turn & Catch

  • Partner A begins as the passer and partner B the receiver. The two are standing 12-15 feet a part.

  • Partner B starts with his back to the passer. Partner A calls his name and partner B rotates 180 degrees in the air to a jump stop (“ball in the air / feet in the air”).

  • Partner A makes the pass and partner B locates, catches and chins the ball.


When in doubt, pass! Anytime you stand and ponder if you should shoot or drive, don't do either because you've already taken too long.

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