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The Titan Way

"To love others as we love ourselves, to serve with an attitude of gratitude, and to care deeply about being the best we can be."

Being a great leader will not ensure all-state accolades or State Championships, but leading your team The Titan Way can guarantee great memories, improvement and team cohesion. Let’s study 7 Ways to Lead a Team by Bruce Brown.

1. Be the first to serve and the last to be served:

On most teams, the longer you are a part of the team the more entitled you become. This is NOT The Titan Way! The longer you are in the program, the more responsibilities you assume for the sake of the team.

  • Service becomes a privilege.

  • Delegate and share leadership.

  • All roles have equal value.


2. Be the first to lead by example and the last to violate team standards:

You need to be an example of exactly what this team stands for.

  • Be an example of attitude.

  • Be an example of a teachable spirit.

  • Be an example of poise.

  • Be an example of work ethic.

  • Be an example of excellence.

  • Be an example of accountability.

  • Be an example of initiative.

3. Be the first to be a lifeline of communication between coach and team and the last to withhold information:

Where there is lack of communication, negativity fills the void. The Titan Way wants to completely nip this in the bud!

  • Communicate by being truthful.

  • Communicate by being inclusive, not exclusive.

  • Communicate by being clear, concise and simple.

  • Communicate by being a better listener than talker.


4. Be the first to praise others and the last to brag or draw attention to yourself:

A humble leader doesn’t separate himself from the team, he treats everyone as an equal.

  • Lead with humility.

  • Be the first to spread words of praise.

  • Be confident but carry it quietly.


5. Be the first to protect and defend and the last to criticize:

The Titan Way believes in each other; and that allows us to lift each other up, to magnify individual strengths and diminish individual weaknesses.

  • Protect and defend by being loyal to your coaches and teammates.

  • Protect and defend by welcoming new people to your team.

  • Protect and defend your team by being the first to admit you made a mistake.


6. Be the first to confront violations of team standards and the last to ignore problems:

Great teams are known exactly by what they stand for and are known by their standards.

  • Confrontation requires that you are a person of integrity.

  • Confrontation requires courage.

  • Confrontation requires being a problem solver.


7. Be the first to encourage and the last to become discouraged:

The Titan Way leads by encouragement; not criticism, fear or blame.

  • Encourage by being someone who is mentally tough.

  • Encourage by being motivated yourself.

  • Encourage by sharing your passion.

  • Encourage by keep things in perspective.

  • Encourage by being positive.

Extra Mile

As the leader of a great team, do more than what is expected. Be willing to go the extra mile, in both work and in relationships. Be a “get it done” teammate, but don’t stop there. Get it done and then some:


  1. You must show up everyday.

  2. You must commit to hard work.

  3. You must start your own engine; bring your enthusiasm.

  4. You must choose to practice with intensity and concentration.

  5. You must believe that preparation is “the point” and the answer.

  6. You must communicate, encourage, and inspire.

  7. You have to believe that character is more important than talent.

  8. You must value all roles and everyone’s contribution.

  9. You must commit to protecting the team.

  10. You must buy into something bigger than yourself.

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