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Numbering System


Great team play begins with each player accepting his role on the team. Our numbering system helps to define each position, and proper communication will assist in everyone understanding his duties. Ultimately it is our goal to become a “positionless” team, but it is still up to each individual to accept and fulfill his purpose.


(#1) / Point Guard

Often times the point guard is referred to as "the coach on the floor". He must have savvy and great communication skills with his teammates as well as his coach.

  1. Serves as our primary ball handler. Handles with sureness. Whether it is to lead us on the break (outlet, passes ahead) or to bring the ball up versus pressure, he is usually our best dribbler.

  2. He does not have to be a big scorer, but he should be threat and respected by the defense.

  3. His ability to hit the open player is very important, as is his ability to get us into proper offensive "flow". Such as passing to the "hot" shooter or getting everybody involved.

  4. Has the ability to penetrate, draw a crowd and kick or finish on his own. He is also a great screener.

  5. Defensive playmaker! He is always responsible for protecting back. In doing so, he often levels the ball off. He is the one player who may not always have the freedom to follow his shot.


(#2) / Shooting Guard

The second guard is often times the bigger of the two guards, but not always. He too should have good leadership qualities.

  1. Generally, he is one of the best shooters on the team; but stays away from casting the "first-pass" shot. Follows his shot relentlessly. Great shooters have a "nose for the ball"!

  2. Serves as our secondary ball handler. Sureness! He is a good passer, especially when it comes to “feeding the post”.

  3. Runs the floor well and has the ability to finish the play, especially on the break. He is a great cutter.

  4. On offense, he serves as our long rebounder.

  5. He is a quick defender – able to pressure the ball and travel at the air speed of the ball.


Point Penetration Rule: When the teammate occupying the point position penetrates to the basket, both wing players immediately get back for defensive balance.

(#3) / Small Forward

The small forward possesses many of the same skills our shooting guard, but has greater strength to go inside as well.

  1. An "inside-outside" threat! He can knock down the shot behind the arc and post-up on the low block too.

  2. Values the ball! He has good ball handling skills, and often, due to his strength and size; may be our best passer over zones or hostile pressure.

  3. Rebounds the ball to death!

  4. Runs the floor and attacks the basket with great strength and savvy. Great cutter!

  5. A hardnosed and a very aggressive defender. A lot of times he draws the assignment of guarding our opponent’s best player.


(#4) / Power Forward

He is probably one of the biggest, strongest, and most athletic players on the team – very versatile.

  1. He is a very physical player. Thus, dominates the offensive and defensive boards.

  2. Understands the importance of proper screening. "Headhunts" for his teammates.

  3. Runs the floor looking for easy baskets, but also has the ability to shoot from the perimeter.

  4. Establishes himself with his back to the basket! Goes strong to the hoop…"nostril baskets"!

  5. Good high-low passer. He is also responsible for inbounding the ball after a made field goal (2-seconds or less).


(#5) / Center

Great centers prove to be the "heart" of the team (also known as the “low post”). He is an impact player on both ends of the court.

  1. He feels the most comfortable with his back to the basket, and has at least one "go-to" move and one counter move.

  2. Good freethrow shooter due to the frequency he'll visit the line.

  3. Super rebounder! Pursues every rebound and if he can't secure the rebound, tips it and keeps it alive.

  4. Does not delay our break. Makes efficient outlet passes, but most often gets out and runs the rim.

  5. Good low post defender. He also has the ability to help and block shots.


Attempt to make every third pass inside to a high post or low post.

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