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There comes a time when winter will ask what you have done all summer...

It is said, “There comes a time when winter will ask what you have done all summer.” Thus, the great competitor diligently commits to his individual skill development – especially during the “off-season”. The primary components to consider when planning your individual workout are the following: 1) Warm-up/Footwork (We are big believers in the jump rope!), 2) Ballhandling (Remember, dribbling is the skill we practice the most and use the least!), and 3) Shooting. Below are sample drills from each:

Jump Rope

Remain stationary and perform each jump step 50 revolutions.

· Regular Bounce

· Alternating Bounce

· Skier (side-to-side)

· Bell (back&forth)

· Jack Flash (in-out)

· Nordic (straddle)

· Boxer

· Twist

· Single Bounce (L&R)

· Leap-up

· Double-under

Ball Handling

2-Ball Dribbling Sequence

· 20 Low rhythm

· 20 Non-rhythm

· 20 High rhythm

· 20 Non-rhythm

· 20 High-low

· 20 Low-high

· Window Wash

· Move out!

· Zig-Zag

· Change Hands

· Wade Rhythm & Non-rhythm (partner applies resistance)

· Open Dribble (rhythm down & non-rhythm back)

150 Pound Challenge

· 25 High Pounds

· 25 Low Pounds

· 25 Inside-Out, then pound (only count the pounds)

· 25 Crossovers, then pound (only count the pounds)

· 25 Between Legs, cross back over, then pound (only count the pounds)

· 25 Behind Back, cross back over, then pound (only count the pounds)


32 Point Challenge

· Make three moves from the following spots: baseline, wing, top of the key, opposite wing and opposite baseline.

· Three Moves: 1) 3-point shot worth three points. 2) Blow-by move, one dribble into a pull-up jump shot worth two points. 3) Crossover move, two dribbles to rim worth one point.

· Finish with two freethrows, each worth one point for a total of 32 points.

5 Spot Shooting

· Same as 32 Point Challenge with 2 exceptions: 1) Start in the left, dead corner and finish in the left, dead corner for a total of 60 possible points. 2) No freethrows.

Beat the Pro

· Begin the game with a freethrow. If it is made, you receive one point. If it is missed, the pro receives three points.

· You score one point for a made field goal and two points for a swish. If the shot is missed the pro gets two points.

· First one to ten loses. Shoot game shots at game speed.

Freethrow Swish

· Game is played to +2 or –2 and (vary the scoring according to ability) you win or lose accordingly.

· Scoring is as follows: 1) zero points for a made freethrow hitting iron 2) minus one for missing and 3) plus one for a swish.

· Use this drill to rest when you are tired.

· Also, pick two like spots on the court (i.e. short corners) and use this same scoring. Compete!!!

And finally, watch this from Dennis Stanton. It is a great example of a very efficient individual shooting work out!

What are you waiting for? Go get better!

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