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Staying Power

I don’t know what day of the quarantine it is, but I do know we’re to that point where we need to be very intentional. During our long basketball season fatigue often rears its ugly head at the end of January and beginning of February. The excitement has faded, holidays passed, sickness abounds, roles figured out, etc. All of these reasons and more can make cowards of us all. UNLESS we make a conscious decision to be stronger together: Not to take the easy way out. Not to make excuses. Not to start talking about a tomorrow that will never come. Absolutely not! Just look around. The mediocre take this path of least resistance. You can’t. WE CAN'T. Not if we don't want to fall short of our goals. Not if we don’t want to let our teammates down (and self). We may very well be at that 'grind point' during this quarantine. Let’s renew our purpose to a Championship routine right now. Not only for our bodies, but mind and spirit too.

Who will emerge from this quarantine better than ever?

We can. We will. We are the Titans.

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