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Halfway Home

We are halfway home (6 sessions) to completing our 15th year of Up! Conditioning. As you can see by watching the videos, Up! is designed to challenge the athlete physically and mentality. Not only do we want to become more explosive on the court, but also stronger mentally. This shared suffering concept makes us stronger together. These student-athletes have not missed an Up! session yet:

  • Beckenhauer, Josiah

  • Cassoutt, Graham

  • Castro Littrell, Eli

  • Grafelman, Jacob

  • Greene, Evan

  • Greene, Josh

  • Lee, Tyler

  • Lett, Chase

  • Mattley, Jared

  • McKittrick, Jack

  • Schrader, Skyler

  • Thomas, Andrew

  • Tiedemann, Brandon

*Several others have only 1 miss

Six more sessions to go. How will YOU finish?

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