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Motion 101: Screening Angles

The most open man in basketball is said to be the screener. With that said, screening should be a very high priority for all players whenever possible. Our 2-man and 3-man game principles are based on the efficiency of setting screens properly. There are several teaching points to screening, but none as important as your angle of approach. Good screeners consider the kind of screen they are going to set and square their butt (or shoulders) to the these landmarks:

  • Down (Away) Screen = Ball

  • Flare Screen = Sideline Corner

  • Back Screen = Basket

  • Pin Down = Shoulders to Basket

  • Wide Pin Down = FT Elbow

  • Cross Screen = Sideline

Screening is a lot like life. If you strive to help someone else out with no strings attached, not only will they benefit, but you will too!

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