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Simpson Scorches Decathlon Record

Isaac Simpson did what some said couldn't be done in our Decathlon Testing. After a record breaking performance last year of 218, he scorched the net this year with 224. Also breaking 200 for the third time in three years was teammate, Ryan Daugherty. How did they do it? Well, that answer is immersed in a lot of sweat and sacrifice:

  • You see, for every basket Isaac and Ryan made, take it times 500. These two are truly gym rats! They've spent countless hours in the gym honing their craft.

  • They've also paid very close attention to detail. Form Shooting Progression matters to them. It's something they do daily, and they embrace the mental aspect of it as much as the mechanical.

  • Finally, as they've both set out to become the best shooters they can become individually, they've spurred each other on to new heights along the way. As the proverb says, "Iron sharpens iron."

Congratulations, Isaac and Ryan, for leading by example The Titan Way!

From Left to Right: Isaac, Robbie, Ryan & Tuach shown here at Deshler (NE) giving back to the game. Isaac and Ryan each scored 200 or more points in the Decathlon three years in a row!

Decathlon 200 Point Club

224 (12) IsaacSimpson

218 (11) IsaacSimpson

214 (11) RyanDaugherty

211 (12) Nathan Jatczak

210 (12) JalenHueser

209 (12) RyanRolfzen

209 (12) JamesNekola Jr

207 (12) AndrewDiGiacomo

206 (10) RyanDaugherty

205 (11) AndrewDiGiacomo

205 (12) Ryan Daugherty

204 (12) BenWilliams

204 (11) JalenHueser

203 (11) NateKoeppe

203 (12) JosiasHueser

202 (10) Isaac Simpson

201 (11) Nathan Jatczak

200 (11) RyanRolfzen

*Score (Grade) Name

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