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Skills & Drills: Session 3

Hard to believe, but we have just one more "Skills & Drills" session left for the fall. The time is flying by! A big thanks to the high school players and Jr. Titan coaches who sacrificed and gave back on this Sunday afternoon at session 3. The following is a recap of what we did:

Form Shooting Progression (FSP)

  • This week we wanted to see complete ownership of this drill. Players were encouraged to make this a part of their regular routine before this practice, and every practice from here on out.

  • See Isaac Simpson demonstrate FSP in the video below.

  • We believe this is a vital component to becoming a great shooter!

2-Line Basket Cut Layups

3 vs 3 Cut-Throat

Fastbreak League

  • Great drill for teaching fastbreak concepts, as well as reinforcing our halfcourt motion principles.

  • Get Wide - Get Ahead - Change Sides

  • Call Ball - Call Man

  • Transition Game

3 vs 3 Flow Ball

We will see you next Sunday for our 4th and final session of "Skills & Drills". Have a great week demonstrating the ACE Factor!

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