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Skills & Drills: Session 1

Each year in the fall we hold four sessions of "Skills & Drills" for our Jr. Titans. The enthusiasm is always high and many of our current players help conduct the workouts. Yesterday was no exception! The following is a recap of what we did:

Ball Handling: 150 Pound Series

Player A completes the following ball handling skills:

  • High Pound (25x)

  • Low Pound (25x)

  • Inside-Out (25x)

  • Crossover (25x)

  • Between Legs (25x)

  • Behind Back (25x)

Every “pound” counts as one dribble. After completing weak hand, repeat with strong hand, and then weak hand once more!

Form Shooting Progression (FSP)

  • Wrist Extensions & Reverse Wrist Extensions

  • Trace & Retrace

  • Arm Swing

  • 1-Handed Form Shooting (R&L)

  • 2-Handed Form Shooting (Groove Your Shot)

In my 28 years as a head coach, the players who take this routine to heart and practice it daily, all develop into good shooters.

Circle Shooting

  • More on this drill later.

1-Step Layups

  • More on this drill later.

2 vs 2 Cut-Throat

  • More on this drill later.

Looking forward to seeing all of you next week for more Skills & Drills!

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