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Basketball + Track = Better Athleticism

If you want to be hard to guard next winter, you need to lace up the spikes this spring (and it's not too late). Running track will make you an all-around better athlete and there is not a better time to cross-train than in the spring. We applaud those of you already out for baseball, golf or soccer. Those sports are greatly valued too, so don't get me wrong; but if you're idle and want to improve your basketball athleticism, track is your ticket.

Track coaches place huge emphasis on running technique to maximize speed. They will teach you to relax your body and exert the minimal amount of force necessary to attain top speed. What player doesn't need to be fast and efficient up and down the hardwood? Track will also teach you to get to your top speed as quickly as possible. That "first-step" makes all the difference out of the blocks and on the court attacking the rim!

"Coach, I am planning to play select ball this spring. Isn't that enough?" Great question. We certainly encourage you to play as much basketball as your heart desires, but the beauty of track is the flexibility of the sport. Our track coaches are willing to accomodate your club practices and game schedule.

Finally, research shows there is tremendous benefit to having a secondary sport. This topic is another blog in itself (grit, competitive greatness, hard work, etc). In the meantime, click here for an excellent read by John O'Sullivan: Is it Wise to Specialize?

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