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Senior Finale

Late this afternoon (5:15) we host the Links from Lincoln High. Last week, we already celebrated "Senior Night" as a school body, but today is truly the finale. Speaking on behalf of all the coaches, it has been an honor to coach these outstanding young men (L-R: Andrew, Quintin, Zach, Nathan and Jimmy).

They model excellence in the classroom and humility on the court. They have worked hard over the years to sustain and build upon our program's culture. It is our mission to love others as we love ourselves, to serve with an attitude of gratitude, and to care deeply about being the best we can be. They have certainly done this.

This season has not been without its trials and tribulations, but we have pressed on. We have used many of our set-backs as opportunities to grow and come-back stronger! This has been modeled by our seniors as well as their teammates.

Belief is powerful by-product of trust. We believe in this team. We believe greatness lies within all of them. And we believe there is just enough season left we will reach our full potential at the most opportune time. With all of this said, I hope you can join us today and celebrate the last home game for five special Titans!

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