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Stronger Together

Lose yourSELF in this TEAM and experience *fisthand:


Every successful team must have people willing to do a variety of things. A ‘Team First’ attitude will allow you to learn, understand, accept and fulfill your role.

  • How can I best serve my team: 1) On the court? 2) Off the court?

  • Can you accept and fulfill your role while working to get better at the same time?

With each team member fulfilling his role, the more likely the team is to achieve what one person cannot accomplish alone. Coach K of Duke says, "Two are better than one if two act as one." Each team member senses and acts with a collective spirit.

Although some roles appear to have more importance than others, in reality, it is the combination of roles that allows a team to reach its ultimate potential. These individual skill sets are like a separate finger on the *fist: All of them are very important, but it's not until they all come together before they are unbeatable!

This team concept was put on display the other night at "Hangin' with the Titans". Players and coaches from all of our teams banding together to Love-Serve-Care-The-Titan-Way!

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