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The Skill We Practice Most | Use Least

We have a saying, "Dribbling is the one skill we practice the most and use the least." Feel free to read that again. Don't be that guy with sticky hands (AKA Ball Stopper). Too often too many players dribble for no apparent reason, go nowhere, and much of the offense breaks down. Listed below are the five proper uses of the dribble:

  • To advance the ball up the floor.

  • To escape trouble.

  • To improve the angle of a pass.

  • To create a shot for yourself.

  • To create a shot for a teammate.

Our primary objective is to move the ball and people. This requires a "pass if you can" mentality. However, with all of this said, we believe players of every position should master the skill of dribbling. This means thousands of reps right-handed and left-handed without watching the ball. This enables you to have "vision" and see the entire court.

This video above, by John Leonzo Basketball, demonstrates some really good stationary dribbling drills. Below, by South Titan Basketball, shows you one of our favorite 2-ball dribbling routines. Both are fantastic drills to develop great "handles".

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