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Skills&Drills | 9.29.19

That's a wrap! We just concluded our fourth and final "Skills & Drills" session of the fall. We averaged 50 Jr. Titans each Sunday, and this last Sunday we also had a great turnout of Jr. Titan coaches as well. A special shout out to Coach Bowers, Coach Simpson and our Player-Coaches for showing up and going hard. Every Sunday we had at least four players and two Titan coaches on hand to share energy, enthusiasm and encouragement. That's what we call the Titan Way!

FSP Challenge

Mom and/or Dad, we challenged your son to go home and teach you or a sibling our Form Shooting Progression. We are big believers in this process. Please watch the video above to learn more. I often share the fact that Steph Curry's dad, Dell, did not let his son shoot three's until the 8th grade. Now, that's not to say he never did, but it does bring to light the importance of form and technique trumping everything else at such a young age. It makes no sense to practice shots I am not strong or big enough to shoot, while compromising my form.

Additional points of emphasis and drills covered:

Thoughts for the Day: ACE Factor & Playing Goals

Kill the Grass - Click Here

3-on-2 / 2-on-1 Break - Primary Break Drill

  • Block-out

  • Center the Ball

  • Long Cutters Get Wide and Ahead

  • Call Ball & Man

Fastbreak League - Click Here

Getting Better Never Stops,

Coach Hueser

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