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Skills&Drills | 9.22.19

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Our third "Skills & Drills" session did not disappoint. All of our Jr. Titans, Player-Coaches and Coaches worked really hard and got better. When it comes to skill work in the gym, we want our players going so hard we WILL make a mistake. This concept might sound crazy, but it's true. We need to go hard and get comfortable training at a uncomfortable pace. That's how we get better. A special shout out to Coach Bowers, Coach Cooley and our Player-Coaches for leading the way today.

Dribbling is the skill we want to practice the most, but use the least (in a game). Check out Coach Cooley and our Player-Coaches explaining and demonstrating this concept in the video above.

Additional points of emphasis and drills covered:

Thought for the Day: ACE Factor

Form Shooting Progression - Click Here

150 Pound Series - Click Here

Continuous Blastcuts - Click Here

Red, White & Blue - 3v3

  • Pass & Cut (Put pressure on the rim!)

  • Pass & Screen Away

  • Guarding Man with the Ball = Ball-YOU-Man

  • Guarding Man without the Ball = Man-YOU-Ball

  • R-P-A (Rim-Post-Action)

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