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Skills & Drills: Session 2

Before we talk X's & O's, I wanted to share with you a very short clip from Geno Auriemma of UConn addressing great players and effort. Good stuff reinforcing what we call the A.C.E. Factor!

Geno reminds his team how important it is that they bring their own energy. We will often term this as starting your own engine.

We were back at it Sunday for our second "Skills & Drills" session with our Jr. Titans. A big shout out to these Titans for giving back to our future: Shaibu Abakar, Damien Burger, Tuach Dol, Jacob Grafelman, Niko Spire and Eli Werner.

Form Shooting Progression (FSP)

  • Click Here for more on shooting!

  • Our goal was to do this on our own once we entered the gym. Some did. Some didn't.

1-Step Layups

Kill the Grass

Blast Cut Jump Shots

3 vs 3 Cut-Throat

  • Pass, Cut & Fill

  • Screen Away

  • Ball-You-Basket

  • Ball-You-Man (Gap)

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