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10,000 Makes Challenge

Dear Titan (Current/Future/Alumni),

Are you ready to accept the 10,000 Makes Challenge? Let's make the most of this summer and get better. All you need is a ball, basket and plenty of grit. Please CLICK HERE and log your shots made for each workout. You have until July 31, 2020 to complete this challenge.

You are your own coach. Be sure to practice game shots at game speed.

Here is some helpful advice from our Player's Handbook on Shooting:

Keys to a Quality Shooting Workout

Shooting is a very important part of the game and it gets a lot of attention, as it should; therefore, when mapping out your workout incorporate these types of shots whether you are shooting alone, on the Gun or with a teammate(s):

  • Spot-up, Catch & Shoot

  • Cut, Catch & Shoot

  • Dribble & Shoot

  • Catch & Drive Shots (pull-ups & to the rim)

  • Catch, Shot Fake & Drive Shots (pull-ups & to the rim)

  • Finish Through Contact (vs. coach or teammate)

All the while emphasizing

  • Game shots at game speed.

  • Perfect form: feet to follow through.

  • Count and/or chart makes and compete whenever possible!

  • Never miss two in row.

  • Practice “Next Shot” mentality.

  • On finishing, practice “closing” the shoulder more times than not.

Again, it's very important you log in after each workout to record your made shots. We want to recognize all of our 10,000 Makes finishers!

Getting Better Never Stops,

Coach Hueser

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