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Good to Great

Working hard and leading by example are admirable qualities to have. We are four weeks into our 2018 Up! Conditioning and we haven't really had a 'bad day' yet. Many of our players have demonstrated tremendous grit, and haven't missed a single session. No doubt this is a good thing, and we are very proud of them. However, is 'good' good enough?

No! We need to be great, and great teams have excellent leadership. Leading by example is a given, but let's now consider two more valuable leadership traits:

1) Be the first to confront violations of team standards and the last to ignore problems. Great teams are known exactly by what they stand for and are known by their standards.

  • Confrontation requires that you are a person of integrity.

  • Confrontation requires courage.

  • Confrontation requires being a problem solver.

2) Be the first to encourage and the last to become discouraged. The Titan Way leads by encouragement; not criticism, fear or blame.

  • Encourage by being someone who is mentally tough.

  • Encourage by being motivated yourself.

  • Encourage by sharing your passion.

  • Encourage by keep things in perspective.

  • Encourage by being positive.

Being a great leader will not ensure all-state accolades or State Championships, but leading your team The Titan Way can guarantee greater team cohesion and improvement.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

-African Proverb)-

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