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#STBB Up! Week #6

For the past six weeks a good percentage of our players have been conditioning for the upcoming season. Under the instruction of Strength Coach Kurt Pohlmann we grinded for 12 sessions of "Up!". Coach does a fantastic job and we can't thank him enough for his expertise! From the get-go we emphasized the following:

  1. Never get out-hustled or out-muscled.

  2. Fatigue makes cowards of us all.

  3. Grit is the key to our success.

In addition to thanking Coach Pohlmann, we want to also recognize the following athletes:

Perfect Attendance (Pictured Above)

  • Jacob Daughtery

  • Ryan Daughtery

  • Justice Goolsby

  • Ryan Roberts

  • Isaac Simpson

  • Nuer Yuek

11 Sessions (only 1 absence)

  • Blake Friedenbach

  • Jacob Grafelman

  • Jimmy Nekola

  • Niko Spire

  • Wolfgang Schoenwise

  • Jordan White

  • Ryan Winkler

  • Lok Wur

10 Sessions (2 absences)

  • Michael Cuevas

  • Justin Steenhoek

  • Quintin Van Ackeren

Congratulations to all of these players! We have one last highlight video for you to enjoy.

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