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#STBB Up! Week #4

We just completed our fourth week of Up! It's been a learning experience for all of the players. Coach Pohlmann shared with the squad tonight that a Titan must not be out-hustled or out-muscled! With that said I want to add my two cents. Passion is at the heart of reaching these performance goals:

  • Passion provides the motivation and drive to stay the course when things are not going well.

  • Everyone wants to finish first, but it is the person who understands how to compete, has a fire in his belly, never apologizes for his passion and is willing to take intelligent risks that provides the best chance for success.

  • For most competitors, their passions are formed at an early age from the sheer joy they experienced from playing the game.

  • Passion can be seen in the daily, mundane work of every great competitor!

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