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Skills&Drills | 9.15.19

We were back at it this weekend for our second "Skills & Drills" session with our Jr. Titans. A big shout out to our Player-Coaches for giving up their Sunday afternoon for our South Titan Basketball family. I also want to thank Coach Cooley and Coach Simpson for being there too!

In this video you will meet our Player-Coaches and Coach Cooley emphasizes the importance of jump stops.

Below is Sunday's outline of what we set out to accomplish:

Thought for the Day: ACE Factor

Form Shooting Progression - Click Here

Kill the Grass - Click Here

1-Step Layups - Click Here

Circle Shooting - Click Here

Circle Shooting Jumpstops - Click Here

Fastbreak League - Click Here

  • Center the Ball

  • Pass Ahead & Cut

  • Pass Ahead & Screen Away

  • Call Ball - Call Man

  • Stop the Ball

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