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Framing Moments

There is a deep reservoir of satisfaction after a long run or seven game series of noonball. Often I reflect back to my Kearney State memories. There was no air conditioning in Cushing Coliseum back in the day. The campers would break from the morning session and Coach Kropp would divide up the teams. (Always putting his at the disadvantage. I liked that about him.) We played hard. Really hard. It meant something. Nobody wanted to lose and we certainly didn't want to let our teammates down. We would play well through the noon hour. The campers would return from lunch and line up to watch us play (Not me so much, but the Loper greats!)

Afterwards we only had a few minutes to grab a Coke (Yes, you heard me right, a pop!) and get ready to work camp well into the night. However, those few minutes immediately after were the best. Utterly exhausted, and yet, a deep sense of satisfaction in knowing we couldn't have played any harder or sweat any more. Those moments added up over the years. I am thankful as they conditioned my mental toughness.

I now experience the same sense of euphoria as a runner. I've heard the real:) more experienced runners refer to it as the "runner's high". I'm no expert on this matter, but what I do know is it feels good to strive, to strain and to finish. These moments need to be savored for one very important reason:

  1. So you won't listen to your lame excuses as to why you can't exercise the next day!!!

If you can frame enough of these moments up to have a gallery of them, more than likely you'll never stop. And isn't that the never stop? I remember asking fellow noontime baller Curt Swanhorst how he manages to stand the test of time and he simply said, "Never stop."

I've tried to live by that creed eventhough my playing days are over, and you can too. It might require some self-reflection and/or journaling to begin with, but overtime, those framed moments will become a fuel source to talk yourself into your next run or seven game series!

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