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Skills & Drills: Session 1

It was a great day to be a Titan this past Sunday! We had had our first "Skills & Drills" session for our Jr. Titans. A big thanks to current players Shaibu Abakar, Jacob Grafelman and Jared Mattley for helping assist in the afternoon! The following is a recap of what we did:

Form Shooting Progression (FSP)

We are huge believers in this process; so much we spent 45 minutes on this progression! As I shared with your son Sunday, every player that I've coached in the past 30 years that took this drill serious and put in the reps, became a really good shooter.

  • Wrist Extensions & Reverse Wrist Extensions

  • Trace & Retrace

  • Arm Swing

  • 1-Handed Form Shooting (R&L)

  • 2-Handed Form Shooting (Groove Your Shot)

You can read more about shooting here: The Art of Shooting

Circle Shooting

Footwork. Footwork. Footwork! This drill is about footwork. We emphasize the 'inside step'. What that means is the foot closest to the basket will be the shooter's pivot foot. Pay close attention in this video below and players going to their right should be making a left-front pivot, and when they go left a right-front pivot.

3-on-3 Red, White & Blue

Team play emphasizing spacing, floor balance and cutting. It was competitive and fun. If the team on offense scored they got to stay on offense until a defense stopped them.

  • V-Cut

  • Basket Cut

  • Back Cut

You can read more about the value of the basket and back cut here: Motion 101

Looking forward to seeing all of you at our next Skills & Drills session September 24th!

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