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2017 Team Celebration

Last night marked the end of the 2016-17 South Titan Basketball season. We celebrated all of the teams, recognized letter winners, announced team awards, and honored our eight seniors. Such a night is important, very important; but for this reason: To celebrate the successes of your teammates. And for that reason alone we applaud those in attendance. We are also grateful for those of you who could not make it, but sent your regrets and told us you would be thinking of the team.

Our 2016-17 Letter Winners:

Nick Blum*

Jacob Daugherty**

Ryan Daugherty**

Tuach Dol**

Finest Hampton**

Robert Leise**

Quentin Mays**

Chase Norblade*

Isaac Simpson**

Justin Steenhoek*

Lok Wur*

We also had several team awards announced:


Ryan Daugherty

Isaac Simpson

Hustle Award

Quentin Mays

Most Improved

Nick Blum

Most Outstanding

Isaac Simpson

Lifter of the Year

Isaac Simpson

By the numbers:

•347 Career Points (#14) Simpson

•162 Season Rebounds (#5) Dol

•139 Career Assists (#4) Daugherty-R

•88.2% Season FT% (#4) Daugherty-R

•78 Season Assists (#5) Daugherty-R

•67.6% Team FT% (#7)

•56.2 Team Points Allowed (#6)

•54.4 Team Points Scored (#7)

•49.2% Team Rebounding (#9)

•43.4% Team Defense (#5)

•45 Career Defensive Assists (#2-Tie) Simpson

•40.2% Team FG% (#10)

•36 Career Blacks (#5) Wur

•36 Season Blacks (#5) Wur

•29 Season Defensive Assists (#1-Tie) Simpson

•27 Season Defensive Assists (#3) Wur

•14 Productivity (#7) Dol

•12.4 Productivity (#11) Simpson

•11 Lettermen

•10.8 Productivity (#17) Wur

•9.61 Productivity (#11) Daugherty-R

•10.8 Team Turnovers (#1)

•9 Varsity Wins (#6-Tied w/4)

•3.5 Season APG (#4) Daugherty-R

•2 NSAA Academic All-Staters: Ryan Daughtery & Isaac Simpson

•1.8 Season BPG (#5) Wur

•1 NCA All-Star: Simpson

2016-17 Team Records



Junior Varsity




Freshmen A


Freshmen B


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