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Skills & Drills: Session 2

We were back at it Sunday for our second "Skills & Drills" session with our Jr. Titans. A big shout out to the coaches and Isaac Simpson for giving back to our future! The following is a recap of what we did:

2-Ball Dribbling Sequence

  • Low Rhythm & Non-rhythm – Player A maintains a low, simultaneous dribble. He then dribbles every other.

  • High Rhythm & Non-rhythm – Player A maintains a high simultaneous dribble. He then dribbles every other.

  • High / Low – Player A dribbles one ball high and the other low. He then changes.

  • Move Out! – Player A does the above sequence as he moves out to halfcourt and back.

  • Zig-Zag – Player A zig-zags to halfcourt and returns backwards. Utilize 2-3 push-steps to advance the ball(s).

  • Change Hands – Player A zig-zags and on change of directions he changes hands with the two balls.

The value of this drill is tremendous. One of your greatest concerns as a youth basketball player is to develop your weak hand. 2-Ball Dribbling does just that. Rep this drill 2-3 times a week, and chances are you will have two strong hands!

Form Shooting Progression (FSP)

  • See below.

1-Step Layups

  • More on this drill later.

Circle Shooting

  • Phase 1: Blocks (shoot with your right hand on the right side, and left hand on the left).

  • Phase 2: Landmarks

  • Phase 3: FT Elbows

  • Phase 4: 3FG (if age and skill warrant)

One of our go-to team shooting drills to teach proper footwork and shooting techniques. Pass first, and then cut. After you shoot, get your own rebound and take it to the line you are going to. We like to emphasize the inside pivot. What this means is to pivot (heel-toe) on the inside foot, closest to the basket.

Kill the Grass

  • Flick Passes

  • Close-out Stance

  • Blow-by & Crossover Moves

  • Front & Reverse Pivots

Blast Cut Jump Shots - Click Here for a detailed diagram!

  • Players A, B and C line up freethrow line extended with two basketballs. Players D, E and F assume the opposite wing, also with two basketballs.

  • Player D blast cuts to the top, catches player A’s pass and makes an inside pivot ready to shoot.

  • Player D follows his shot and brings the ball to the line he is going to. Meanwhile, player A does the same.

  • Repeat for two minutes and then add the following moves: 1) Shot fake, blow-by 2) Foot fake, crossover and 3) Back Cut.

3 vs 3 Cut-Throat

  • Pass, Cut & Fill

  • Ball-You-Basket

  • Ball-You-Man (Gap)

Form Shooting Progression (FSP)

  • Wrist Extensions & Reverse Wrist Extensions

  • Trace & Retrace

  • Arm Swing

  • 1-Handed Form Shooting (R&L)

  • 2-Handed Form Shooting (Groove Your Shot)

Our goal next week is to start and finish our Form Shooting Progression on our own as soon as we arrive. Have a great week demonstrating the ACE Factor!

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