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STB Camp | Day 2

Another great day of camp! Especially proud of the high school players who are giving back in the afternoons coaching up the middle school campers!

Emphasis of the Day: Screening Game

Who is the most open man in basketball? The Screener (Secondary Cutter)

Mental Training: RALF through your mistakes!





Coach's Corner: Be the first to serve and the last to be served.

Hotshot Contest Daily Leader Board:

Grades 11/12 - Blake Friedenbach (59)

Grades 9/10 - Nuer Yuek (51)

Grade 8 - Mason Burger (51)

Grade 7 - Brecken Miller (53)

Grade 6 - Will DeLaet (40)

Tuesday's Daily FT Champion:

HS - Ryan Daugherty

MS - Casey Braun (See Video Below)

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