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Cycle of the Game

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

The late, great Coach Don Meyer was famous for what he called the "Cycle of the Game". In basketball, players must convert from offense to defense (and defense to offense) at almost any moment. This "Cycle of the Game" requires players to be fundamentally sound, well conditioned and highly skilled. Because the game is so fast paced and converts so quickly, it also requires extraordinary concentration. To fully grasp this concept we have explained in detail the "Cycle of the Game" according to our South Titan Basketball philosophy.

I. Defensive Coverage (Stance-Vision-Position)

Transition & Talk - We always fastbreak on defense. Points of Emphasis:

  • Fullback & Halfback

  • First 3 Steps - No Buddy Running, No Backpedaling

  • Call Ball & Man - Stop the Ball

  • Establish Ballside & Helpside - Protect Basket

Stance On the Ball - Pressure and contain the ball. Points of Emphasis:

  • Guard Your Yard

  • Tension in Body

  • In & Out

  • Hand Trace the Ball

Stances Off the Ball - All five must move as one by jumping to the ball/gap at the air time of the pass. Points of Emphasis:

  • Gap Stance

  • Help Stance - Build the Wall

  • Low Post Defense - Win the Footwork War!

  • Closeout - Arrive with High, Active Hands

Rotation - Help the helper. Points of Emphasis:

  • No Direct Drives

  • Trap the Baseline Drive

  • Coverdown Wide

  • Double Down

Shot Pressure - Contest all shots and rebound. Points of Emphasis:

  • Hand Up - Change or Alter Shot

  • "Shot! Check!"

  • Make a Hit

  • Pursue

  • Chin the Rebound

II. Motion Offense (Balance-Movement-Spacing)

Fastbreak Transition - It is our goal to make our opponent think defense while they are on offense. Points of Emphasis:

  • 2-Second Outlet

  • Long Cutters - Get Ahead, Get Wide & Change Sides (if time warrants)

  • Run Rim

  • Pass Ahead

  • Sureness

Motion - We want to move the ball, move people and screen. Points of Emphasis:

  • Spacing

  • Angles

  • Momentum

  • Triple Threat - RPA

  • Cut & Replace

  • Drive & Space

  • Screen

  • Change the Ball

  • Use of Dribble - Advance, Improve & Escape

  • .5 Mentality (Advantage Decision Making)

Shot Selection - We are all about "Our Shot" vs. "My Shot" mentality. Points of Emphasis:

  • 4's & 3's (Shot Rating System)

  • BPR (Balance-Pressure-Range)

  • Inside-Outside Approach

  • Second Shots (1st=40%, 2nd=60%, 3rd=80%)

Offensive Board Coverage - It is our goal to send three to the glass. Points of Emphasis:

  • Follow Your Shot

  • SOFO (Spin Off First Object)

  • Keep the Ball Alive

  • Fullback & Halfback

  • Point Penetration Rule

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