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Toughness Wins! #ASK

We often have players and/or parents #ASK us how they (or their son) can improve as a basketball player. The answer lies within the hashtag: Athleticism, Skills and Knowledge. The first two are obvious. There is a reason why we are up early in the mornings all off-season lifting weights and practicing our ball handling and shooting. We want to be athletic and highly skilled, but how much do we invest in our basketball IQ's? This might be the unsung hero in those players that maximize their potential.

To be the smartest player on the floor is a intangible worth pursuing. There are many ways you can become more savvy. We encourage our players to have a notebook/journal and take notes. Write everything down. Another suggestion is to read from the great minds of the game. A book both of my sons read and really benefited from was Jay Bilas's Toughness.This might be a great stocking stuffer with Christmas just around the corner!;) You can also read more about Bilas and Toughness Wins! here on our digital Handbook.

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