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South Titan Basketball Camp | WK2

Championship Thursday marked the last day of 2017 South Titan Basketball Camp. We had another great week! This time around we had elementary school (grades 3-5) in the afternoon and high school (grades 9-12) continued to grind in the mornings. Several Titan players and coaches worked hard to make the afternoon session a great basketball experience. Joining our current players were Titan alumni Aaron Rothermund (Sioux Falls) and Isaac Simpson (UNO), along with Ryker Fyfe (Nebraska) were also on hand to inspire and encourage. For that we say, "Thank you!"

Elementary School Campers

Pictured below are this week's contest winners with Tuach Dol, Isaac Simpson and Damien Burger:

Hotshot Contest

Hotshot Contest Champions:

Grade 5 - Jackson Hassel (115)

Grade 4 - Grant Beckenhuaer (127)

Grade 3 - Jack Jelinek (140)

Dribble Tag Contest

Dribble Tag Contest Champions:

Grade 10/11/12 - Jacob Grafelman

Grade 9 - Chase Lett

Grade 5 - Trent Krogman

Grade 4 - Nathan Perez

Grade 3 - Preston Avalon

Red, White & Blue (1-on-1) Contest Chamions:

Grade 10/11/12 - Niko Spire

Grade 9 - Josiah Beckenhauer

Freethrow Contest

Elementary School Freethrow Champion:

ELEM - Kenyen Slobodny

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