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South Titan Basketball Camp | WK1

We just finished up a great first week of middle school and high school camp (grades 6-8 & 9-12). Once again we were blessed to have a special guest appearance by overseas professional, Connor Beranek.

Titan alumni Zach Bussard (Dordt), Isaac Simpson (UNO) and Bradley Spencer (Northwestern) were also on hand with several current players. The camp ran Monday through Thursday. Campers were taught fundamental basketball skills, team play and motivation.

Middle School Campers

Pictured below are this week's contest winners with Isaac Simpson, Damien Burger (Sr.) and Zach Bussard:

Hotshot Contest

Hotshot Contest Champions:

Grades 10/11/12 - Joseph Thibault (136)

Grade 9 - Tyler Culp (151)

Grade 8 - Oliver (132)

Grade 7 - Aiden Miller (117)

Grade 6 - Tayton Frauendorfer (117)

Dribble Tag Contest

Dribble Tag Contest Champions:

Grade 8 - Daniel Brocaille

Grade 7 - Aiden Miller

Grade 6 - Jed Sunde

Red, White & Blue Contest (1-on-1)

Red, White & Blue (1-on-1) Contest Champions:

Grade 8 - Kuon Kuon

Grade 7 - Aiden Miller

Grade 6 - Keenan Flannery

Freethrow Contest

Middle School FT Champion:

MS - Andrew Peterson

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