• Coach Hueser

Getting Better Never Stops

South Titan Basketball just finished up our last day of middle school and elementary camp for the summer. That doesn't mean we are done, but from a traditional camp standpoint: The final buzzer has sounded.

It was a great week of skills, drills and competition. We had a lot of campers and a high percentage of our current players coaching hard all week. We truly believe this is one of the best investments an aspiring varsity player can make throughout the summer. Learning to think and teach the game is a valuable character skill that doesn't just happen on its own. Getting Better Never Stops.

Former players Isaac Simpson and Lok Wur were on hand along with special guest clinician Gus Gustafson. Gus shared his amazing story and taught us what it means to never give up and have the courage to face your challenges. For more information about Gus please visit fullyarmed.com.

Congratulations to our contest winners!

Hotshot Contest Winners:

8th - Aiden Langenfeld (131)

7th - Bryson Bahl (105)

6th - Grant Beckenhauer (141)

5th - Grant Ingwerson (128)

4th - Jackson Geist (124)

3rd - Joel Evers (139)

Dribble Tag Contest Winners:

8th - Keenan Flannery

7th - Brayden Francis

6th - Jase Kaminski

5th - Drew McCrone

4th - Ryker Brooks

3rd - Caden Cizek

Freethrow Contest Winners:

Grant Beckenhauer - Middle School (6-8)

Joel Evers - Elementary (3-5)

Thank you for scrolling, reading and watching. If you are interested in seeing our full gallery of pictures and videos CLICK HERE.

Now, let's get back to work. Getting Better Never Stops...


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