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2019 Team Celebration

Great teammates genuinely celebrate in the successes of others, and that is what excites me the most about our annual end of the year Celebration -- Teammates celebrating teammates! We recognized all of the teams, Freshmen to Varsity, for their outstanding seasons. As a program we had 63 wins to 31 losses. This is not how we measure success, but we do want to celebrate those victories because they are hard earned and not to be taken for granted. We also handed out letter winners, team awards and honored our five seniors pictured above.

Click here for additional pictures of the Celebration!

To watch Coach Keller's hype video featuring our seniors click here!!

To view our 2018-19 Season Highlight Video click here!!!

Our 2018-19 Letter Winners:

*Criteria: perfect attendance, team attitude, behavior & playing in at least 1/6 of total varsity quarters.


Mitchell Blum**

Jacob Grafelman**

Chase Norblade***

Ryan Winkler**

Lok Wur***


Thaison Glenn**

Jared Mattley**


Graham Cassoutt*

Tyler Culp*

Chase Lett**


Daniel Brocaille*

*Denotes Total Years Lettered

We also had several team awards announced:


Jared Mattley

Chase Norblade

Hustle Award:

Ryan Winkler

Most Improved:

Graham Cassoutt

Most Outstanding:

Lok Wur

Lifter of the Year:

Jacob Grafelman

By the Numbers:

•983 Career Points (Wur)

•783 Career Points (Mattley)

•542 Season Points (Wur)

•523 Career Rebounds (Wur)

•259 Season Rebounds (Wur)

•242 Career FTM (Wur)

•192 Season Total FGM (Wur)

•135 Season FTM (Wur)

•81 Career Deflections (Norblade)

•63 Program Wins

•61 Season Deflections (Norblade)

•40 Season Steals (Winkler)

•21.02 Productivity (Wur)

•20.8 Scoring Average (Wur)

•18 Single Game Rebounds (Wur)

•11.54 Productivity (Mattley)

•11 Lettermen

•10.0 Rebound Average (Wur)

•3rd Team OWH All-State Class A (Wur)

•3 All-State Honorable Mentions (Mattley, Norblade, Winkler)

•2nd Team OWH All-Metro (Wur)

•2nd Team LJS Super-State (Wur)

•2nd State Appearance in 7 Years

•2 NSAA Academic All-Staters: Jacob Grafelman & Jared Mattley

•1 NCA All-Star: Wur

2018-19 Team Records



Junior Varsity:




Freshmen A:


Freshmen B:





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