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A principle we try to emphasize often is "success equals effort over time." To be successful we need to work really hard and stand the test of time. Some call this "grit". Legendary coach John Wooden used the term "industriousness". South Titan Basketball just completed another season of Up! This is our advanced conditioning program preparing us for the upcoming season. Coach Pohlmann is an expert in this field and leads the charge for 12 sessions. This year we had 8 student-athletes have perfect attendance, and 8 more who only missed once. All 16, among others, are all better athletes because of their commitment to Up! Good luck at try-outs and this upcoming basketball season.

Perfect Attendance - Tate Norblade, Emily Richards, Lydia Hodges; Back: Damien Burger, Skylar Schrader, Jacob Grafelman, Kaiden Steingraber, Jared Mattley

Nearly Perfect Attendance - Thaison Glenn, Niko Spire, Eli Castro Littrell; Back: Shaibu Abakar, Tuach Dol, Drew Anderson, Kenin Kuon, Eli Werner

Thank you, Coach Polhmann!

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