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You Can't Fake the Harvest

The first time I heard "You Can't Fake the Harvest" was up in Aberdeen, SD at a Don Meyer Basketball Camp. I love everything about this saying. Harvest means the time of year when crops are ripe and ready to be gathered. In basketball, you put in work all summer and fall for one primary reason: to "grow your game" so to speak. We are roughly one month out from tryouts and the new season, also known as "harvest time". This is the one thing you can't fake. What you reap is what you sow. I'm sure it was your intention to yield a bumper crop this harvest, but did you do everything possible to become the best you are capable of becoming?

We see it all the time. Individuals who:

  • only work hard when their coach is looking

  • skip a rep or set or lift and pretend they did it

  • get beat by their alarm clock

  • fuel their body with fast food and soda

  • train at a comfortable pace

Unfortunately, for some, these tricks of the trade are plentiful; but their harvest won't be. It's the one thing you just can't fake. Your game doesn't lie when it comes to harvest time!

See you on the court...

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